About Us

About the Founder and the Inspiration behind Grace Asher

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Mary enjoys finding inspiration in the great outdoors and all the beauty that surrounds her — from the snow capped mountains to the sleepy beaches of the Oregon coast. Nature provides no lack of artistic splendor, especially in the picturesque town where Mary, her husband, and their three daughters reside. 

Despite having lived most of her life in the PNW, Mary’s heart has always felt a kinship with the southern US. Mary and her family enjoy trips down south where she finds great inspiration for the jewelry trends of Grace Asher. 

As a mom of three girls, Mary understands how important a simple, yet special, piece of jewelry can be to anyone, young or old. The right piece of jewelry can snap you out of mom-mode and polish up yoga pants. It can be sentimental reminder. For a teenager, like Mary’s oldest daughter, Macey, jewelry develops a sense of identity and connects her to others. For tween girls, like Mary’s middle child, Daphney, jewelry represents a fun way to explore style and fashion, allowing one to use her daily accessory choices as a way to explore all the different sides of her personality. For younger kids, like Mary’s Lola, jewelry adds pops of color and femininity to a girl who may dabble in dolls one day and competitively run basketball drills the next. 

Regardless of age, the jewelry of Grace Asher is curated with the goal of elevating you to feeling your very best. It carries symbols and meaning far beyond what others may see, whether it reminds you of a certain place or of a person close to your heart. As a mother-daughter enterprise, Grace Asher is a creative opportunity for Mary and her three girls to explore what makes each one unique, while sharing a collaborative, fun business together. You will see reflections of each one of the Timmons ladies in the GA collections.

The vision of Grace Asher is to provide versatile, affordable jewelry pieces that allow every woman to feel her best, each and every time she puts it on.

Simple. Classic. Timeless.